MobileViews Podcast 367: Most interesting of WWDC; Why all the M1 iPad Pro blogger hate?

Jon Westfall and I discuss the most interesting announcements from Apple’s 2021 WWDC. And, we puzzle over all the post-WWDC M1 iPad Pro hate by various bloggers and tech pundits.

  1. Most interesting WWDC announcements
  2. Facetime for Android & Windows via web service
    FaceTime with Spatial Audio
    Photo collections in Messages
    Hotel Keys (Stolen from Disney!)
    iCloud+ VPN (“Private Relay”)
    iCloud+ will support custom email domains!
    Notes with tags & collaboration
    Wallet app support for driver’s license & TSA ID — will cities/states allow the DMV interface?
    App Library on iPad
    Quick Notes
    iPad Multitasking Buttons
    Universal Control on Macos Monteray
    Shortcuts on the Mac
    Safari Tab Groups

  3. Why all the post-WWDC M1 iPad Pro hate?
  4. Todd’s Apple Arcade recommendation: SongPop Party

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