MobileViews Podcast 361: Jon’s Siri Shortcuts tips

In this podcast, Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. Preparing to move from Google Photos to Microsoft OneDrive Photos
  2. To M1 iPad Pro or not (or wait for an iPad mini 6)?
  3. Jon’s Siri Shortcut Supercharging.
    Shortcuts evolved out of the Workflow app.
    Share Sheet Shortcuts – “Edit any Web Page” is useful.
    Menus! “Walking Menu”, “Day Menu”, “Weekend Menu” etc…
    “Run Script over SSH” – supports SSH keys! If you use a centralized .ssh/authorized_keys then just add this one to .ssh/authorized_keys2 on most systems.
    Log Stand Hour – add a 1 minute walking workout to a previous hour with 0 calories.
    Shortcut on watch faces, and then schedule watch faces to change using a Personal Automation.
    Shortcuts to MS Office documents – use the “Open URL” action. Get the share link for your office document (e.g., the link you’d share to your collaborator) and then use the following url scheme: ms-excel:ofe|u| full documentation (ofe = open for editing, ofv = open for viewing)
    Charty (iOS app) = data visualization using Shortcuts. Charty
    Reddit Sub-Reddit on Shortcuts is full of ideas.
    Charty. Plot data from Shortcuts

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