MobileViews Podcast 355: Webcams & mics; Jon’s IoT adventures

Jon Westfall and I regroup after a one week podcasting hiatus. In this podcast we discuss:

  1. Thanks to special guest panelist Eric Hicks for joining us for episode 354!
  2. Upgraded my 2019 MacBook Pro to MacOS Big Sur. Hope the audio apps all still work!
  3. Although Jon and I only publish an audio podcast, we do have video turned on during the session to provide visual cues for speaking, etc. So, I bought a Logitech C925e to learn if provides a better video image than the 2019 MacBook Pro’s built-in camera.
  4. Recording this week’s podcast (on my side) using the Logitech camera’s microphone instead of the Blue Yeti USB mic that I usually use for recording audio.
  5. USI styluses are still difficult to find. But, third party EMR pens seem everywhere and look great. The real stylus standard may be Wacom’s EMR not USI
    electromagnetic resonance technology
  6. Jon’s been on a Home Automation kick as he’s gotten two new kittens to keep an eye on. Here’s what he’s been buying:
    Aqara HomeKit Secure Video cameras (2) – $69 each, supports night vision, wide view angle, motion detection, and HomeKit Secure Video.
    Aqara 3 function switches (2)
    3 Eufy (Anker) Security battery cameras also support HomeKit, but a different backend ecosystem than Aqara
    A VocoLink smart lock that is just over $100. Can I stop having to use keys? Supports the KW1 key way, probably the most popular key way in the US, so I can re-key it to be the same as my existing locks.

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