MobileViews Podcast 354: Catching up w/tech expert Eric Hicks

Jon Westfall and I are joined by our old friend and tech expert Eric Hicks for this podcast. We had a few small discussion topics prior to our catching-up conversation with Eric.

  1. More about syncing iPhone photos with OneDrive.
    OneDrive’s photo features are really few/weak compared to the “old” Google Photos.. It auto-creates day-albums and has a “On This Day” feature. But, that is about it. It also seems like it doesn’t sync photos from the iOS device to OneDrive unless the OneDrive app is in the foreground.
    In Mid-December 2020, it gained the ability to iOS Live Photos – which are small MOV files
    That said, Google Photos has removed a lot of its interesting features over the past year. And, new features are reserved for Pixel owners or require additional fees: Google One benefits for Google Photos
  2. Jon moved a few albums from Google Photos to iCloud, and will continue forward with just iCloud & Local NAS
  3. From the seas, to more ZZZs: Your new Pixel features
  4. Google Recorder

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