MobileViews Podcast 349: One by Wacom; Mudra Band; ride in a driverless taxi?

One By Wacom

  1. One by Wacom
    $60 starter drawing tablet. Don’t confuse this with the $399 Wacom One which was, previously, Wacom’s most inexpensive tablet
    No driver needed for Chromebooks. Certified for:
    Works With Chromebooks
    Battery-less wireless stylus. Tablet connects to computer using a USB-A connector. No external power needed.
    Drivers needed for MacOS and Windows
    A very 1980s, pre-2016 iPad Pro/Apple Pencil experience
    Discounting the Microsoft Tablet/Surface which did not have a good “pen” experience
  2. Mudra Band Touch free control for Apple Watch
  3. Jon started using the Watchsmith App, allows for some nice customization for your Apple Watch complications. Would like to see data services expanded more.
  4. Jon’s also been fighting with bookmarks lately – the convoluted way to get Firefox & iCloud bookmarks in sync when you don’t use a PC.
  5. AutoX Opens Real Robotaxi Service In China To The General Public
    Would you hop in a robot-taxi that doesn’t have a human safety driver?
    AutoX – funded by Alibaba

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