MobileViews Podcast 345: Looking back on 2020 work tech w/Paul Lawler & Don Sorcinelli

Paul Lawler & Don Sorcinelli join Jon Westfall and me to (mostly) discuss what we noticed about and the tech we used for working in organization during the ongoing pandemic

  1. Laptops, desktop sales see ‘renaissance;’ shortages won’t ease until 2022

    But some analysts now expect 2020 will close at about 300 million shipments, up roughly 15% from a year ago. Tablets are experiencing even faster growth. (same as 2008 peak number)

  2. I hate how much I love Apple’s Airpods Max – Really interesting how many bloggers / reviewers hate the fact that they really like a $549 headset.
  3. People pay attention to background image quality but not audio quality. Ironically, it turns out I had audio issues when recording this podcast
  4. USB microphones
  5. Lav mics (wired and wireless)
  6. Bluetooth headphones
  7. Bluetooth keyboards
  8. The iPad mini 5 and Anker Bluetooth mini-keyboard as a mobile mini workstation
  9. Trimming down to one laptop (Jon)
  10. The challenge of teaching university level classes (Jon and Paul)
  11. Pandemic tech etiquette and best practices

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