MobileViews Podcast 337: iPhone Pro 12, Project Moca, Apollo Neuroscience, and more

  1. iPhone 12 Pro
    After restoring from my 10s to the 12 Pro, the storage used was doubled. As a result, I couldn’t backup the 12 Pro to iCloud and had to upgrade from 200GB to 2TB. There’s nothing in between. The new Apple One bundle doesn’t fit my needs
    The MageSafe charger option doesn’t include a wall socket. So, you need a USB-C charger to plug the MagSafe charger into
    The MagSafe magnetic is very strong. I think it may be possible to use it as a car mount.
    Low-light video is pretty good. Pixel 4a doesn’t have low-light video
    Low-light photos with LIDAR are very good. But, almost “too lit”
    Ultra-wide – carryover from 11 Pro
  2. LIDAR app for the iPhone 12 Pro:
    Canvas by Occipital
  3. Project Moca available in my personal Office 365 account
  4. Organize content your way with the Preview of Project Moca

    With Project Moca, you can simplify your workflow so you can focus on what matters. Add tasks, goals, notes, files from OneDrive and other cloud storage providers, links, contacts, and even emails and events, all into one dynamic space. Each space has a flexible canvas so you can customize and view your content your way.

  5. The Verge Finally, custom backgrounds for Google Meet
  6. Jon is doing an Airpod Swap-out on the left airpod (right airpod swapped 7 months ago):
  7. Jon’s Gadget Review: Apollo Neuroscience band ( – placebo effect or really does something? Data from Oura Ring suggests that it might be doing… something…
  8. Jon’s Tip: Be sure to turn sound back on if you use your apple watch for sleep so your alarm goes off, taptic might not be enough! Use an automation to do it.

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