MobileViews Podcast 329

In this podcast, Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. Raspian OS is now Raspberry PI OS.
    64-bit version takes advantage of new 8GB RaspBerry Pi 4
  2. iPad Pro boot loops
    This is the problem my 2020 iPad Pro 11 had!
  3. New/updated Google Android apps for pixel phones
    Google’s latest Pixel features include a ‘safety check’ for when you’re walking alone
    Personal Safety: Car crash detection in “more locations”.
    Sound Amplifier: clarifies the sound around you, now works with Bluetooth headphones
    Recorder: Transcription, audio classifier. Works with Google Assistant. Just say Hey Google to start, stop, or search a recording. Save transcription text to Google Docs
    Digital Welbeing: Bedtime mode features
    Google Duo: video calls with up to 12 people. Video & voice messages to the group
    Live Transcribe updated: Set your phone to vibrate when someone nearby says your name. Search past conversations
  4. Jon’s free Google Nest Mini
  5. Lumen: A story of pro-active customer service
  6. Jon’s R tip of the week: More than one way to Recode data:
    Ifelse (iris$ <- ifelse(iris$Species == "setosa","Setosa","Other");) Control Structures (`iris$Species.control[iris$Species != "setosa"] <- "Other"` iris$Species.control[iris$Species == "setosa"] <- "Setosa" Recode function in the ‘car’ library (recode(x, "1='A'; 2='B'; c(3,4) = 'C'; else='D'")) Or write your own custom function: LetterGrade <- function(percentage) { library("car") return(recode(percentage,"lo:59 = 'F'; 59.01:69 = 'D'; 69.01:79 = 'C'; 79.01:89 = 'B'; 89.01:hi = 'A'")) } Mixing and matching lets you get your data exactly how you want it, and recall you can always make a copy by just binding the variable again under a new name (e.g., data$newvar <- data$oldvar)
  7. MPow Bluetooth headset for recording this podcast
    Problem with Microsoft Teams on Windows 10

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