MobileViews Podcast 325: Jon’s new book Practical R 4; & happy 5th birthday to the Apple Watch

    Happy 5th birthday to the Apple Watch (April 24, 2015). Jon can talk a little bit about how it feels to have had one for 5 years now! Listened to some of Mobileviews 115 when I gave my first impressions. (Mobileviews 111 is when we first discussed it after it had been announced; Mobileviews 95 also included some Apple Watch news in Sept 2014)

    Microsoft Word now flags double spaces as errors, ending the great space debate

    Are You Charging Your MacBook on the Wrong Side?

    Fintie Ultrathin 4mm Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Built-in Multi-Touch Touchpad: Using one with an iPad Pro running iPadOS 13.4.

    Jon just finished a new book titled: Practical R 4. Look for it to be available this summer!

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