MobileViews Podcast 324: Mostly Apple

In this podcast, Jon Westfall and I discuss mostly about Apple products and services.

  1. Apple TV+ widens free access as Disney+ passes 50 million subscribers

    Apple TV+ offering 8 free series. Does anyone care? I am still in my free year period and haven’t found anything compelling to watch.

    “To lure these prospective viewers, Apple is widening access to three adult dramas (For All Mankind, Little America, Servant) and four kid- or teen-friendly shows (Dickinson, Ghostwriter, Helpsters, Snoopy in Space), plus The Elephant Queen documentary.”

  2. Modern Family – all seasons for $100 from Apple

    iPad launch in 2010

    Modern Family Episodes with technology: Season 1, Episode 19: Game Changer (The iPad launch). Season 6, Episode 16: Connection Lost (episode that is based on a macbook), shot with iPhones/iPads

  3. What does the iPhone’s “Set Up for an Alternate Appearance” do? It does not allow for Face ID with a facemask on.

    Macrumors said: With iOS 12, you can add a second face to Face ID, which is useful if you have a job where your face dramatically changes, such as with a surgeon’s mask or protective goggles.
    However, that didn’t work for me. And, you can see from the screenshot here that iOS’s Face ID does not allow facial “obstructions.”

  4. Jon’s ordered parts to bring his Apple 27’’ Cinema Displays into the modern world – they connect over MiniDisplay port, so a MiniDP – HDMI output, a USB C hub with passthrough charging, and a charger. Point would be to eventually support a new Macbook, but before that, interested to try it with the iPad Pro. Also raises an interesting question – would I benefit from simplifying my life down to 1 laptop that I took everywhere, plugging it into 1 port at each of my 3 primary workspaces?

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