MobileViews Podcast 323: Mostly Microsoft news

Todd Ogasawara and Jon Westfall discuss:Microsoft 365 rebranding from Office 365 on April 21; Microsoft Teams for Home; Microsoft Editor, Grammarly like service available; and Jon’s broken AirPod Pro adventure.

  1. Microsoft 365 rebranding from Office 365 on April 21 – dumb idea. Ref The Verge
  2. Microsoft Teams for Home in Office 365
    Introducing a free version of Microsoft Teams
  3. Microsoft Editor
    Introducing Microsoft Editor – Bring out your best writer wherever you write
  4. Jon had an Airpod speaker go bad this week (Right ear, high-end). Apple Warranty covered it – 24 hour turn around time on both to me, and back to Apple).
  5. 2020 iPad Pro 11 spontaneously rebooting now and then

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