MobileViews Podcast 321: Tech tips for living in an outbreak lockdown

Jon Westfall and I discuss what we would use if we were in a lockdown situation due to an outbreak in our respective areas of the country.

NoteL This podcast is NOT about how to setup enterprise telework. But, it will touch upon aspects of it – especially tools you can choose to use as an individual

  1. The Chrome OS Files began syncing with Microsoft OneDrive for about a week ago. It coincides with the Chrome OS 80 update. A bit of research indicates Files has always been able to sync with OneDrive. But, I never tried to configure this and the sync happened on its own on my devices.
    Works fine on ARM-based Chromebooks. But, is constantly restarting on an Intel-based one. I had to force stop it
  2. Unified Microsoft Office app beta for iOS available.

    It auto-enrolled me in the Office Insider program. Not sure I like that
    Learned that Notes within the app sync with Sticky Notes on the Windows 10 desktop.
    The unified Office App for Android now works on my Chromebook

  3. Jon’s new app he’s exploring: LumaFusion. Pricey ($29.99) but a full-featured video editor for iPad / iPhone. 4.8 out of 5 stars in the app store
  4. Learn to use the web-based and mobile versions of software you use. And, learn what limitations they might have compared to the desktop versions.
  5. Buy a headset or use your earbuds for conference calls
  6. If you don’t have one, setup a second display for your home computer. (Got an iPad? Sidecar or Duet (Duet is better in my opinion)
  7. Learn to use your group’s cloud storage standard: Google Drive, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox. If you are still using local storage on your LAN, stop and move to the cloud now if you can

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