MobileViews Podcast 315

In this podcast, Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. WiFi router adventure
  2. Update on USB-C charging the Samsung Chromebook Plus
    Recently received Anker USB-C up with PD port can charge the device
  3. Google releases 3 new experimental apps to help cut down your phone usage
    Envelope – yuck – for 3a only
    Activity Bubbles
    Screen Stopwatch
  4. Microsoft POC Office 365 Network Onboarding tool
    Requires Edge browser for advanced tests
  5. After it was announced that the three EA Tetris mobile games Tetris 2011, Tetris Blitz, and Tetris Premium will stop working on April 21, 2020, N3TWORK and The Tetris Company announced -and released- an all new Tetris title on both the App Store and on Google Play
  6. Moleskine Journey” for iOS. iPad app of the year? – NO! Confused it with Moleskine FLow… Confusing pricing plans. $40? Or $30 “welcome” plan. And, what is the $20 “annual flash”?
    Also, no web interface. Apple-only
  7. Jon Update: In MobileViews 296 I mentioned a lack options other than Quicken for managing your money on the desktop. Been using Banktivity since then and rather impressed at it’s current version. Still a bit pricey (Approx $50 a year for online subscription, plus 1-time fees for the applications), but flexible and useful. Only drawback? Mac/iOS only.
  8. Jon published 2 new blog posts this week…

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