MobileViews Podcast 305: Removing Apple Watch glass scratch, new Google hardware, Jamovi

  1. Removed a scratch on my Apple Watch glass using toothpaste and a soft paper towel. Try this at your own risk. But, it worked for me.
  2. Fitbit Inspire HR one week later
  3. Goodbye Google Daydream VR. Ref: The Verge
  4. Google announcements
    Pixel 4

    Pixelbook Go – too expensive despite a price lower than earlier models

    New Pixel Buds Rumors of new AirPods with noise cancellation.

  5. Jamovi free and open statistical software
  6. Jon got his Apple Smart Keyboard replaced – died after 10 months of use. I, like Todd, am starting to think these things just aren’t made for daily use

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