MobileViews Podcast 304: Farewell to my Fitbit One

Jon Westfall and I are back after a three week hiatus due to schedule conflicts.

  1. Did Jon upgrade to MacOS Catalina?
    Yes… but not much difference other than no 32-bit apps. A few older games now live on my 2009 Macbook Pro that hasn’t gotten an upgrade since El Capitan. Seem to be a bit more bugs in iOS / MacOS this year though, just glitchy things which didn’t seem to show up in iOS until the past week or two.
  2. Todd:My Fitbit One (nearly 6 years old) is fading away. Its button no longer functions as of two days ago. So, I can’t activate the display (minor) or start sleep tracking (moderately annoying). I tweeted with Fitbit and learned their newish Inspire models can be used without its band. So, I bought one this weekend. It doesn’t have a floor climbing feature. But, it has a number of new interesting features.
  3. Bought Rogue Amoeba Fission audio editor for my Mac hoping it could replace both Audacity (Open Source audio editor) and the freeware Levelator. But, it looks like it will only be able to replace Levelator. It doesn’t seem to have all the Audacity features I need to process a podcast.
  4. Bought a Brother P-Touch Bluetooth label printer. It doesn’t have a keyboard and requires a smartphone or tablet to create labels.
  5. A $350 3D printer? Prusa Mini
  6. What to expect at Google’s October 15 Pixel launch event

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