MobileViews Podcast 296: Google-ly news, personal finance apps, WiFi AP rant

In this podcast, Jon Westfall and I discuss (and rant about):

  1. Ever notice the “star” with the word “Explore” at the bottom right of Google Sheets? More like PowerBi than just a pivot table.

    Pivot to the cloud: intelligent features in Google Sheets help businesses uncover insights

  2. Build a presentation from notes in Google Keep
    Present like a pro: new updates in Slides designed to make you look good
  3. Google Suspicious Site Reporter for Chrome browser.
  4. The Verge: Google was never really series about tablets
  5. Lack of viable finance management applications – MS Money, Quicken,, Hard to find actual money management application. Espec. With mobile support. Trying Banktivity (MacOS only) once more. does have great exporting though.
  6. Why does WiFi hardware die so quickly (relatively speaking)?