MobileViews Podcast 290: What is Mastodon? w/guest Ryan Ozawa

Jon Westfall and I are back after a one week hiatus. And, we’re joined by social media guru Ryan Ozawa.

  1. “Happy” spring forward Daylight Savings Day (I guess)
  2. Also happy National Mario Day (Mar10 – get it?)
  3. A brief history of Wi-Fi security protocols from “oh my, that’s bad” to WPA3
    WPA3 (ratified Jan. 2018) NFC for authentication
  4. A recent Windows 10 update is hurting game performance and messing with mice
  5. Jon is looking forward to experiencing the latest Disney tech in an upcoming trip to Disney World
  6. Social media guru Ryan Ozawa joins us to discuss a social platform that he rediscovered and believes is the future of social – away from the current giant services: Mastodon

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