MobileViews Podcast 285: iPad mini 5 & AirPod 2 rumors, Just Press Record app pick, & more

In this podcast Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. Follow-up to Microsoft support issue
  2. More iPad mini 5 and AirPod 2 rumors. Very few details
  3. Chrome OS Instant Tethering reportedly arriving for more Android devices
  4. Jon did a bit of python programming this week – first time – pretty impressed, although some things just seem too simple!
  5. Jon’s App Review: “Just Press Record” on iOS ($4.99). Kudos for it being exactly what it claims to be.
  6. Jon’s Pixel a Day has been going really well so far. (Discussed in Podcast 282). Also enjoying have a iPad with cellular data.

Available via Google Music Podcasts and Apple iTunes.