MobileViews Podcast 284: Rants about cloud services’ customer support

In this Podcast, Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. Outlook Premium (product no longer offered) subscription needs to be renewed next month. But, I need to change the credit card and the web UI won’t let me. Only online help available is a useless virtual assistant. Will try phone number.

    UPDATE 1: I’m on hold with Microsoft Store customer service as I post this blog item.
    UPDATE 2: I spoke with Microsoft Store Support who transferred me to Accounts and Billings. The total elapsed time was about 28 minutes. However, the customer service person was able to change the billing to use the correct credit card.

  2. Google to pay $40 million for Fossil’s secret smartwatch tech – new products incoming
  3. Microsoft shutting down Windows Phone over the next year or so
    Is there a clear path to Android or iPhone?
  4. Jon’s Walmart Pay experience. Seamless.
  5. CBS All Access: No Star Trek Short Treks when purchased through Amazon Prime?

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