MobileViews Podcast 283 – CES 2019 and other useless info

In this podcast, Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. One year since the Hawaii missile crisis
  2. The uselessness of CES awards. Let’s look at 2009.
    Palm Pre wins Best of CES 2009 and People’s Voice Award
    Computers & Hardware winner: Sony Vaio P-Series Lifestyle PC.
    List of other 2009 CES category winners
  3. Lenovo made this tiny and adorable Google alarm clock that doubles as a smart speaker
  4. AirPlay coming to Smart TVs
  5. Google Canvas web drawing app comments on
  6. Also: To be on the lookout: iPad Mini 5. /li>
  7. Ravelry: A Web 1.0 Community that successfully remained relevant in Web 2.0 (And the case of mobile optimized vs. mobile app). Just some interesting points from someone who remembers Web 1.0 communities.

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