MobileViews Podcast 281: 2018 wrap-up with Jack Cook, Ricky Li, & Sven Johannsen

Jack Cook, Ricky Li, & Sven Johannsen joined me to discuss the 2018 year in tech and a little bit of looking forward to 2019.

2018 tech memories

  • Splintering of streaming video services: Star Trek Discovery only on CBS All Access, Titans only on DC Universe, Cloak and Dagger only on Hulu, etc.
  • Crash of the crypto market, return of sane video card prices.
  • 2018 the end of the x86 only windows world? Again
  • Isn’t this every year? — Year of the hack/cyberattack/databreach
  • And??? — Death of Net Neutrality
  • Year of the tablet/2-in-1 PC but they mostly all are terrible
  • 2018 wasn’t facebook’s year. What’s your favorite facebook scandal from 2018?
  • Jack jumped to the “dark side” …from Windows Phone to Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Android Camera Night Sight for Pixel
  • Google Fi – a cell service as it should be (except the data price)
  • Sven – Surface headphones
  • Netflix/Blackmirror interactive movie

A few interesting recent gadgets

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