MobileViews Podcast 278: An inexpensive car phone cradle that works; Google Call Screen for Pixels; and more

  1. The Verge: Google keeps failing to understand tablets
  2. TORRAS Cell Phone Holder for Car, Auto-Clamping Air Vent Car Mount Holder Cradle
    $10 during Black Friday sale. Currently $16.
  3. Google is starting to roll out Call Screen transcripts to Pixel owners.
  4. Google “Project Fi” is now “Google Fi” and works with iPhones
  5. Google Assistant weather data from Still wonky
  6. Ref: Corel to Acquire Parallels
  7. Jon’s Black Friday Deals: $45/yr 1TB VPS for backups, and a $10/yr 2GB Ram VPS for cross-country redundancy.
  8. Something to check out: Calibre-web via Docker. And for audiobooks – Plex now supports them!
  9. And Jon has a Comixology account. Disney/Marvel Figment

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