MobileViews Podcast 277: Interesting Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals with Paul Lawler & Ricky Li

I was joined by guest co-hosts Paul Lawler and Ricky Li for this podcast. We discussed:

  1. Nexus 6’s case cover power button pusher broke! Lasted a bit over two years (27 months).
    While I enjoyed the armored protection the Unicorn Beetle case, I forgot how responsive the Nexus 6’s display is when it does not have the built-in screen protector over it. It is also much brighter without the case’s screen protector.
  2. Finally got Facebook iPhone Portrait photos to 3D feature
  3. Free VPN Apps: Chinese Ownership, Secretive Companies & Weak Privacy
  4. NordVPN
  5. Google adds indoor positioning to Android’s Find My Device
  6. Google’s Duplex is rolling out to Pixel owners — here’s how it works
  7. No Apple AirPod, Mac Mini, or new Macbook Air “sale” (gift card with purchase) on Black Friday
  8. Amazon Prime Black Friday/Cyber Monday week+ sales
  9. Ricky: Anova Sous vide
  10. Ricky: How I got the google home hub for $50
    Todd: Lenovo Smart Display at Costco for $150 (I paid $230 at Sams)
  11. Coinbase now allows PayPal withdrawal

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