MobileViews Podcast 273: Apple speculation, right to repair, AT&T cancelling streaming services, millennials leaving Facebook?

  1. Surprised by the new look of MacOS Mojave’s app store
  2. AT&T shutting down narrow focus Warner Media streaming services. First to go was DramaFever (with no notice). Now, the indie focused FilmStruck (Ref: Variety
  3. Apple Announcement on 10/30 – Will they refresh the iPad Mini and the Mac Mini? CNET lists it as something to expect.
  4. Paper by 53 dropped Pencil by 53 as a product. Many 3rd party apps dropped support for it.
  5. Are millenials (and i-gen) ditching Facebook? 44% of 18-29 year olds have deleted the app within the last year
  6. Right to repair & Right to Archive Clarified in new ruling.
    Ref: ZDNet right to break DRM for certain activities starts today – Oct. 28.

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