MobileViews Podcast 269: New Amazon Echo products announcements & iPhone Xs first impressions

Jon Westfall and I discuss just two topics in this podcast. But, there’s a lot to discuss.

  1. CNET video of Amazon announcements
    Amazon Echo announcements
    Updated Echo Dot
    Updated Echo Plus (Zigbee radio, thermometer)
    Updated Echo Show
    New Echo Subwoofer
    New Echo Smartplug
    New Alexa Guard
    New Echo Auto
    New Echo enabled clock
    New Echo enabled microwave
    New Echo Input (like a Chromecast)
    New FireTV Recast (DVR & antenna)
    Echo Link Amp
    Echo Link
  2. iPhone Xs first impressions
    Moved from 7+ to Xs
    If you want a bag for the box, that costs 18 cents (seriously)
    Old phone service shut off even before I opened the box and turned on the Xs. Was told this would not happen by the sales person
    Serious problem pairing Apple Watch 3 to the Xs
    Chose smaller device/display on purpose
    Xs cannot display battery percentage in top right status area. Not enough screen space at top due to the notch. Xs Max can though

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