MobileViews Podcast 266: Post Windows world & more hurricane prep discussion

Todd Ogasawara and Jon Westfall are joined by guest panelist Ricky Li for this podcast.

  1. DC Universe streaming service starts on Sept. 15)
  2. Post Windows PC world. Ref: ars technica
  3. Starting Oct. 2 Microsoft to increase device limits for Office 365 consumer subscription users

    [Starting on October 2nd, Office 365 Personal users can sign into five concurrent devices at the same time. They can load the Office apps onto multiple devices, but only be signed into five. For Home, starting October 2nd, that updates to six users, across all your devices and each user can be signed into five devices at the same time. Technically, that means an Office 365 Home customer could have 30 Home subscriptions running at the same time, with each user getting five signed-in devices.]


  4. Cool Tip: Guided Access (Jon’s favorite hidden IOS feature) can bypass autolock – great for when you need your screen to stay on: Ref: Reddit
  5. The On-Again-Off-Again Pixel Watch. Jon’s already thinking about potentially having a Pixel 3 to play with, what about a Pixel Watch (If one were to become available).
  6. Post-hurricane discussion
    Amazon references: TV tuner

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