MobileViews Podcast 261: Microsoft Surface Go where? w/guest Don Sorcinelli

Jon Westfall and I are joined by Don Sorcinelli in this podcast. We discussed:

  1. Possible Mac mini refresh after 3.5 years of nothing
  2. Google’s Phone app can now prevent some spam calls from interrupting you
  3. The New Surface Go

    Ref: Wired
    ““Do I think about Chromebooks? Absolutely,” Panay says, when I ask him about them. “Do I think about iPads? Absolutely. I use multiple devices. It’s exhausting. But this product is meant to bring you a full app suite.” Panay is highlighting one of the drawbacks of lightweight Chromebooks: Their lack of local storage. Meanwhile, he says, Surfaces are designed to let people be productive both locally on the device, and in the cloud when they need to work in the cloud.”

  4. Don: What old phone feature do you miss the most?

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