MobileViews Podcast 260: Todd’s cranky-cast. Where has all the tech news gone?

In this podcast, Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. Ranting about the recent Skype for MacOS update
  2. Looking through Techmeme’s “river” all I see are block chain, tech investment, and dealing with disinformation. Listening to other podcasts reveals more of the same. So, where does this leave a podcast that this that remains dedicated to actual tech, gadgets, and software? There doesn’t seem to be much to discuss in this space except during Google I/O and Apple announcements.
  3. Tracing the Quote: Everything that can be Invented has been Invented – 1899.
  4. Todd: Acer Chromebook Tab 10. Example of something I don’t care about but might have years ago: Chrome OS based tablet.
  5. Jon: Twitter suspending more than a million accounts per day Mostly spammers and bots. Still haven’t gotten to most of my bot followers thought, that I paid $7 for as an experiment
  6. Jon’s Pinterest story.
  7. Jon: Wired’s IOS 12 security roundup – have we gotten to a place where cutting edge features = Android, privacy and security = Apple, and that’s really the only difference (well, that and wearables – since Wear OS is fragmented, has no market leading watch anymore, not as big a force as the Apple Watch). Something to ponder – as the OS’s get more similar, this seems to me to be the only differentiator anymore.
  8. Why the Girl Scouts Are Learning to Pick Locks and Hack Computers

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