MobileViews Podcast 259: Jon’s annual summer travel tech tips

After a two week podcast hiatus, Jon Westfall and I are back with MobileViews Podcast 259.

  1. New Google Podcasts app. Ref: The Verge
  2. Google Messages for web. Messages for web
  3. Anchor for iPad
  4. Anchor record with Friends
  5. The cold blue light of modern touchscreens may be aesthetically pleasing, but it poses health problems
  6. Jon’s Vacation Tech Report:
    A point-and-shoot camera, preferably with GPS, is still a must, especially at the beach where phones can overheat if not turned off, yet the camera works pretty well turning off and on all the time. Also sometimes you just need manual exposure controls before taking the photo, not after. — (TO) Can’t find point&shoot cameras with GPS anymore (JW): Jason Dunn says you can still find them, but they’re mostly rugged designs. Looks like the Olympus TG-870 or the Nikon Coolpix AW130 or AW300 are your best bets. also looks promising.
    Apple SD Card adapter does fine with photos, but videos can be a frustrating endeavour. MTS files are the devil.
    Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular did an amazing job. Water mode is great, although optional if you forget (like I did once or twice – no way to turn on once water is on your fingers and the touch screen). Nice to feel like you’re still connected even if your phone is off (iMessage at the beach is great, used dictation)
    AirPods worked great paired to my phone and watch. Had to unpair and repair though, about a week before. They’d previously been paired to my apple account for over a year.
    Google Photos is easiest way to share a group of photos, especially with 2 people that are on Android. Even on iPhone it slightly eeks out Apple Photos in my opinion just because it’s unlimited.
    Packable bags FTW – my beach bag could easily be thrown in the wash and then stowed.
    I took all 4 of my primary “devices” (iPhone, iPad, Surface Pro, Macbook Pro) Used 3 of the 4 – which one do you think was left out?
    My bluetooth speaker is antiquated (Jabra Jambox I bought in 2013). Might be time for something louder and smaller/same size.
    Expanding Tech Organizer Bag was great.
  7. And Jon’s “Back to School” shopping tip (We’re gonna get close to that time, usually right after 4th of July). Buy Pencil Cases when they go on sale for $0.99 or $0.59 – they’re great for storing little gear inside of drawers.

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