MobileViews Podcast 257: pre-WWDC

  1. Gmail UI redesign. Like some aspects like ease of seeing which messages have attachments. Still dislike the Google Calendar redesign which requires more clicks & typing to do the same thing as the old UI.
  2. WWDC 2018? Meh. Not expecting anything in the consumer products space
  3. Google continues ignoring tablets by removing section from Android’s official website

    Hiroshi Lockheimer Google SVP says it was a “bug” duirng a site update

  4. Jon’s App of the Week: Unwind Me – cool idea for games that get slower as you play, helping you relax. 99 cents.
  5. Geekwire: Investors include Vulcan Capital (Paul Allen), Lux Capital, Google’s GV venture arm, Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, and Amazon’s Alexa Fund.

    CTRL-Labs, makers of a wristband that can pick up signals from the brain and allow users to control a digital device without moving a finger.

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