MobileViews Podcast 250: Surface Book 2, Windows 10, & more w/guests Jack Cook, Sven Johannsen, and Don Sorcinelli

Jon Westfall and I welcome frequent guest panelists Jack Cook, Sven Johannsen, and Don Sorcinelli for podcast 250. We discussed:

  1. Jack’s Surface Book 2
  2. SURPRISE: Windows 10 Mobile gets an update!
  3. Some Android devices not receiving all security updates – Some Android OEMs are effectively lying about security updates by changing dates without adding patches [Update] 9to5Google also PCMag
    “Companies such as Google, Samsung and Sony had the best record of installing the patches, whereas Chinese vendors including Lenovo’s Motorola, TCL and ZTE had trouble fully rolling them out.”
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (New phone for Jack’s wife)
    Microsoft Launcher
    Office Apps
    One Drive
  5. AndroidOne Moto X4 still not on 8.1 (mine) holdup? GSM Arena
  6. Windows 10 upcoming major update
  7. ConspiracyViews
    Former Coast-to-Coast AM radio host Art Bell died.
    Radio show was on 500 stations at its peak.


    Wikipedia entry

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