MobileViews Podcast 247: Do people read anymore?

  1. Bloomberg: New low cost iPad to be announced next week?
    I’m hoping for a iPad mini that supports the Apple Pencil and has a smart connector for keyboards.
  2. Todd: Six years ago, I wrote: (Information Week/BYTE) Lytro: The Next Big Thing In Photography. I didn’t say how long it would take to be the next big thing though. Since then, they exited the camera market and attempted to market their IP. Techcrunch reported that Google may be buying Lytro. So, the answer to how long it will take is apparently 6 plus years.
  3. Jon: Ebooks come in different flavors: what is the platform of choice? Kindle on everything, but iBooks has some cool interactivity
  4. Todd: Audiobook reading using Audible and Google Books
  5. Todd: Comic book reading using ComiXology and Google Books
  6. Magazine reading using Zinio or Texture Texture – which Apple bought recently

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