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MobileViews Podcast 241: Google Camera AR stickers, Apple TV live news, Android Wear fading away, & more

In podcast 241, Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. Google Books – audiobook experience follow-up comments
  2. Watching the Olympics on YouTube TV using a free one-month trial.
  3. Google AR Stickers. Now available in still photos as well as video. Adds winter sports and blocks (LEGO/Minecraft-like) sticker packs. Only supported by the Pixel line of Android phones.
  4. Live TV news streams on current generation Apple TV
  5. Google Android Wear’s decline and Qualcomm’s role? Ref: ars technica
  6. Jon bought a wireless charger from Anker of course. My impressions are largely positive and amazed that it works through my Twelve South BookBook case.
  7. Jon bought a friend a Tile Tracker after he got one for Christmas. It’s been a lifesaver for the friend, so far.

Available via Google Music Podcasts and Apple iTunes.