MobileViews Podcast 238: GRC InSpectre, NUKEMAP, laptop lifespan, & more

Jon Westfall and I discuss a non-point upgrade for Android 8.1.0 for the Pixel 2, Project Fi quasi unlimited data, GRC InSpectre, NUKEMAP, user interface design assumptions, JS Paint – MS Paint web-based clone, and laptop life spans.

  1. Surprise Android 8.1.0 update (48MB) – even though I already run 8.1.0
  2. Project Fi quasi-unlimited data
    Steve Gibson GRC InSpectre Meltdown/Spectre checker – Windows only
  4. IT may be that people wrongfully believe that if something is very important, it must be well designed. Human Factors Engineering discussion. Other examples: NY Blackout in 1977, Laser radiation accident.
  5. JS Paint. Web MS Paint clone.
  6. Discussion: How long should a laptop last? Jon’s work laptop is nearly 2 years old but is “State-of-the-art” (Surface Pro 4). His MacBook Pro is nearly 3 years old, but shows no signs of stopping. And Austin Evans on YouTube ( has breathed surprising life into a 2009 white Macbook (1 TB of SSD, 8 GB of RAM, runs High Sierra).

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