MobileViews Podcast 236: Melting HP batteries, Android app store adware, Alexa powered glasses, QNAP

Jon Westfall and Todd Ogasawara (that’s me) are back for the 10th year of the MobileViews podcast.

  1. Meltdown/Spectre: Whythe Raspberry Pi is immune.
  2. HP melting batteries in laptops released in the past two years
    ars technica
  3. Adware, again, in Google Play store Android apps
    Android Headlines
  4. Vuzix Alexa powered glasses? $1000? Talk to your glasses in public? CNBC
  5. Jon’s setup now: QNAP backup unit “off-site” to sync with in-house QNAP.
  6. What is Todd’s 2018 “Thing-a-day” challenge?