MobileViews Podcast 235: Google AR Stickers and more

  1. Google AR Stickers (Star Wars and Stranger Things) in Camera app for Android 8.1 (Oreo) update. Also, Google Lens.
  2. Ref: Trusted Reviews. New Oreo features.

    Battery: If a user has a Bluetooth device connected to their smartphone, they’ll be able to see how much power it has from the Quick Settings shade.

    Browsing: Safer Browsing allows applications from third-party developers to detect WebView attempts, which could point to malicious URLs.

    Fingerprint: Users can instruct their unit to disable the fingerprint reader once an unregistered fingerprint is attempted multiple times.

    Google Maps Transit now wakes you up at your stop

  3. Plan your winter getaway now with new features in Google Flights, Trips, and hotel search Provides info on when it is best to book a flight based on historical data. Shows info on shifting room rates. Google Trips shows discounts.
  4. ZDNet. No iTunes for Microsoft Windows App Store. Only affects Windows 10 S users.
  5. Facebook Research. Facebook, citing academic research, says people “passively consuming” social media feel worse afterwards while active interaction improves well-being. Facebook propaganda?
  6. A vulnerable hidden password manager in Windows 10? Pushed by Microsoft without users’ knowledge! Good reminder to always vet programs that you aren’t familiar with.

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