MobileViews Mini-podcast 30: Gadget discussion with Paul Lawler & Ricky Li

Paul Lawler & Ricky Li

First, my apologies for the audio quality of this short (less than 6 minutes) mini-podcast. Paul Lawler, Ricky Li, and I tried to record a short podcast during lunch outdoors in downtown Honolulu food court. Unfortunately, we had audio bleeding over into the three microphones we used which created huge echos. Thanks to Scott Shpak of the ItStillWorks blog for the instructions on how to use the Nyquist Noise Gate for Audacity to reduce the echo in this recording.

  1. Paul: ST:TOS Bluetooth Communicator
  2. Ricky: BioStrap
  3. Paul: Mini-router. USB-to-Ethernet or WiFi. Size of a stick of gum.
  4. Ricky: Foldable laptop stand. Folds flat.
  5. Todd: Bluetooth FM Transmitter with Micro SD card music play.
  6. Paul: Bluetooth car tire cap pressure sensor.

Available via Google Music Podcasts and Apple iTunes.