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MobileViews Podcast 232: Gift ideas, Google Home Mini, which streaming video device, eBikes, & more w/Paul Lawler & Ricky Li

Photo by Ricky Li. Haleakala, Maui.

I’m joined by guest panelists Paul Lawler and Ricky Li for another all-Hawaii podcast. We discuss a wide ranging set of topics in this one.

  1. New Google Calendar for web look
  2. Google Home Mini initial impressions
  3. Net neutrality
  4. Paul’s forsaken Pebble dilemma
  5. Should Paul buy an Amazon Fire TV, a Roku, or an Apple TV?
  6. Home automation successes and failures (with small rant about services that fold up leaving hardware worthless…I’m looking at you, X-10)
  7. Paul’s e-bike adventures
  8. Rocketbook Everlast notebook
  9. Tile
  10. Dell Mixed Reality Headset and controllers
  11. Lenovo Jedi Challenge – AR headset toy
  12. Amazon cloud cam security camera
  13. Biostrap “next gen” fitness wearable
  14. iHealth smart health devices, smart blood pressure cuff, blood o2 measurement device, smartscale and how they plug into apple healthkit?