MobileViews Podcast 224: New Amazon Echo devices. Shoutout to Stayf Draws & Paint(dot)Net

In this podcast Jon Westfall and I discuss:

1. Procreate Primer: eBook about the Basics of Painting in Procreate 4. $9.99 in the Apple bookstore. Ebook with videos.
2. is now available on the Windows Store! for $8.99. Free classic version still available. This is, perhaps, the first useful Store App (IMO)

Discussion Topics
Apple Watch tip for fellow newbies: Long press on the hard to read cluster of app icons to get to the list view option. Jon got his S3 watch on Thursday night. Thoughts and comparison to S0. Activate LTE on Verizon Wireless. Entering your address for E911 can be a show stopper.

Asymco believes that Apple is the world’s biggest watch maker, overtaking Rolex, with $12B in sales.

Bill Gates now using an Android phone. Ref:

“Alexa multi-step routines” coming soon Ref: The Verge

New Amazon Echo devices. Ref: ars technica

$99 Echo – replaces the original Echo
$149 Echo Plus – is an IoT hub and comes with one Philips Hue smart light bulb
$35 Echo Connect – make voice calls and send text messages to POTS lines and cell phones
$130 Echo Spot – smaller version of Echo Show. Has a display
$20 for two Echo Buttons – connects to an Echo and can be used as buttons for things like games

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