MobileViews Podcast 223: Apple iPhone 8/8+ and Watch Series 3 in the wild

Jon Westfall and I continue our discussion of Apple’s iPhone 8/8 Plus and Watch Series 3 now that these devices are available for purchase.

  1. USPS Informed Delivery Daily Digest
  2. Sprint and T-Mobile discussing a merger. Ref: Reuters. Tried once before in 2014.
  3. Apple Watch Series 3. Does not charge with PowerPort Qi or Energizer Qi pads (my personal tests). Ref: The Verge. I think Android Wear is easier to get started compared to Apple Watch. Pebble vs. Apple Watch?
  4. Siri
  5. Messages
  6. iPhone 8/8+
  7. iOS 11 on 7+. Display is often landscape after waking up despite holding it in portrait.
  8. Jon’s getting more interested in the iPhone X
  9. DXOmark said 8+ has best rated smartphone camera ever.
  10. QNAP Nas thoughts – build own cloud very easily.