MobileViews Podcast 221: No iPhone tock? RIP Jerry Pournelle

In this podcast Jon Westfall and I discuss:

  1. Jerry Pournelle, RIP. Some know of him from his SF novels. Others know of him from his incredible Chaos Manor column run in BYTE magazine which, I believe, influenced directly or indirectly everyone today who writes about technology. He moved tech writing from a dry dull style to a one with a point of view (the consumer) and opinions based on hands-on experience. True to form, he kept writing until the day before he passed away.
  2. A belated Happy Star Trek Day (Sept. 8)
  3. Ookla 2017 Q1 & Q2 mobile and landline speed test data
  4. USPS Informed Delivery Service
  5. Is Apple breaking the Tick Tock cycle that started with the iPhone 3G and 3GS? No tock? Jump from iPhone 7/7+ to 8, 8+, and X. No “S”. Ref: 9to5Mac
  6. Jon’s NAS Story. Twice bitten, Very Shy (CrashPlan, previously Mozy)

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