MobileViews Podcast 219: Guest Don Sorcinelli. GIMP 2.9.6. Bye Bye Crashplan. & More

Guest panelist Don Sorcinelli joins Jon Westfall and me for this podcast. We discussed:

  1. animated wind information site.
  2. Ref: FiveThirtyEight. If Waffle House Is Closed, It’s Time To Panic
  3. Amazon lowering Whole Foods prices, Prime member discounts, & more. NPR
  4. GIMP 2.9.6 released. This used to be important news to me because good bitmap graphic tools used to be expensive and relatively scarce (because of price). However, graphic tools are now cheap and plentiful on the iPad.
  5. Bitcoin Energy Consumption
  6. Crashplan exits the home market, irks Jon and others. Jon’s plan: Build a NAS
  7. Starting to consider buying iPhone 8 / Apple Watch 3

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