MobileViews Podcast 218: Android Oreo? Firefox Focus. Draw.IO, & more

Jon Westfall is back. In this podcast, we discuss:

  1. Facebook Free web-based diagram tool that can save to a number of cloud services as well as your local device. Ref: Facebook
  2. Tunnel Bear VPN public security audit
  3. Firefox Focus for iOS & Android. “Instead of every beta bell and whistle, Focus has only one screen; a min amt of btns; no stored passwords or bandwidth hogging; and won’t remember your history. Focus also blocks third-party trackers automatically, giving you a faster and more private mobile search and browsing experience by default.”
  4. Google Home. Free calls in US/Canada. Now $109. Down from $129.
  5. Android O. (Oreo?) event on total eclipse day, Aug. 24. Ref: Android Police. Google Android Eclipse web page
  6. .

  7. Jon’s Tech Discussion: Could you go without data on your smartphone (e.g., no cellular data, just wifi)
  8. Jon’s Sad Tech Tale: Starcraft Remastered ($15)

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