MobileViews Podcast 214

  1. Some tools don’t change much. The Blue Snowball mic I’ve used for the past couple of years has the old USB type B square connector. The “new” Blue Yeti mic I’m using as of today has the mini-USB connector. Not, the micro. The old mini-connector.
  2. Google Newsfeed in Google search apps for Android & iOS.
  3. Also the new Google News UI is horrible IMO
  4. Inexpensive $13.99 10.5-inch iPad Pro case
  5. iOS 10.3.3 security update
  6. Jon’s “What’s the best tool for…”
    • Reading books
    • News
    • Texting
    • Email
    • Note taking
    • Reading PDF documents
    • Videos
  7. And another Jon Rant: There are two ways people use their phones, and neither group tends to understand the other!

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