MobileViews Podcast 202: Google AutoDraw; increased interest in VPNs, & more

Jon Westfall and I recorded a short podcast today (17 minutes). But, we still managed to cover a couple of different topics:

  1. Google AutoDraw
  2. Image stabilization available in Google Photos for Android. Ref: 9to5google
  3. Spike in VPN signups since repeal of US ISP privacy rules. Ref: IBTimes
  4. Signed up for Private Internet Access service that Jon recommended nearly a year ago during podcast #159. The price went up slightly. It is now $40 per year. Unintended consequence? YouTube streaming video seems smoother/more stable.
  5. iOS 10.3.1 iPad Pro Jr. Went from 5.7GB free to 7.91

Available via Google Music Podcasts and Apple iTunes.