MobileViews Podcast 195: Migrating to Microsoft Premium experience

  1. Premium. $20/year if you subscribe to the service before the end of March 2017. However, do NOT register your domain through Microsoft. If you do, you will not be able to use the domain name for a website. It is better to register it using Google Domains and then manually configure the settings for use with Premium.
  2. Using Python with Google Spreadsheets. Ref: Twillo blog
  3. Mulesoft filing for IPO Ref: SEC. Whatever happened to the early successful iOS devs?
  4. Get your patch act together, Microsoft! Ref: Contributed by Jon’s friend Michael Koehler.
  5. Jon re-installed MacOS this week, the operating system that remembers some of you from install to install, but not enough 😉 (e.g., remembers my email accounts, but not their passwords (iCloud keychain?!?) Remembers my signatures, but not what accounts they’re linked to.

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