MobileViews Podcast 191: Chromebooks, Evernote 8.0, Windows 10 build 15014 & more

  1. New Google Chromebook tutorial videos by Google on YouTube. Ref: Google Chrome on YouTube. Ref: Video Tutorial: Switching to Chromebook
  2. Evernote 8.0 for iOS. New UI.
  3. Microsoft Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15014: New Action Center tile – “Blue light”. New Windows Setting icon – Holographic. New feature – ebooks? Why?
  4. Old 2008 Dell desktop PC died (not really, it just needs its RAM replaced). Fix or replace? I’m voting to replace.
  5. Lineage OS Available this weekend (successor to Cyanogen Mod)
  6. AT&T is losing more subscribers than any other carrier. Interesting that for awhile we’ve thought of the US as 4 carriers in the order Verizon-ATT-Sprint-TMobile – will that ever change? Q1 2015 TMobile did overtake Sprint, but not a lot of change since.
  7. The Brits are sending BitTorrent Nastygrams proactively to those who visit The Pirate Bay Is this really “education” or “we’re watching you…”?

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