MobileViews Podcast 188: Top 2016 tech news stories

In this final podcast for 2016, Jon Westfall and I discuss:

– When is Jon getting his AirPod?

Apple Support iOS app. Todd had a tech support failure by Apple, Jon had a tech support win

Top 2016 tech stories

  1. Todd’s story pick: Samsung Note 7 battery fires
  2. Jason Dunn: Apple customers angry about losing (1) 3.5mm headphone jack in the iPhone 7 and (2) all ports except USB-C in the Macbook Pro. Customers also angry about the lack of a new Mac Pro, iMac, or (Todd) Mac mini.
  3. Johan Van Mierlo: Alexa, Google Home, IoT for consumers. IoT security concerns. Also,
    Wynn Las Vegas to equip 4,748 hotel rooms with Amazon Echo (GeekWire): “ability to talk to your room and say: ‘Alexa, I am here, open the curtains, lower the temperature, turn on the news.’”
  4. Jack Cook: Microsoft Surface Studio and the success of the Surface tablet/notebook line of products.
  5. Jon – The hidden tech story that scares me…

    40 million dollar ad campaign, $1m a day in revenue. Game of War
    Costs $225 a month not to play (to protect your assets). Takes 58 years to research the ‘sucker punch’ ability (to attack within 1-2 minutes instead of 5).

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