MobileViews Podcast 187: With guests Don Sorcinelli & Steven Hughes

I’m joined by Don Sorcinelli and Steve Hughes for this podcast. Jon Westfall will be back for the next podcast.

  1. Fitbit bought Pebble for its engineering. Products will fade away. Ref: Engadget.No more warranty or customer support for existing customers. Ref: Gizmodo
  2. Delayed Apple AirPod released said to be due to problems with getting audio to both earpieces at the same time. Ref: WSJ via MacRumors
  3. Speaking of Fitbit and Apple. Two completely different customer service stories. Fitbit replaced broken Charge HD
    Horrible experience picking up an Apple Watch 2 delivered to the local Apple Store
  4. Windows 10 x86 emulation on ARM computers? Ref: Geekwire
  5. Pokemon Go Frappuccino at Starbucks

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