MobileViews Podcast 184: A discussion with Dr. Kent “Kim” Bridges – the tech botanist


  1. Acer Chromebook R 13 can’t be shipped by Amazon to AK and HI
  2. Google Sites update – finally
  3. Marshall Islands – GPS a real life saver
  4. 8000 miles on a Segway
  5. Travel strategies – mobile technologies – Wear-one-carry-one – Ice Breaker (marina wool)
  6. Smart car w/tech accessories
  7. Lumena-8 purchase instead of a new Porsche
  8. Microsoft Surface Studio?
  9. On this day in technology
    Amazon debuted the Kindle in 2007 (Selling out in 5 hours). It was also 9 years ago today that Nintendo released the Wii
  10. Jon’s Car Story of the week, maybe I need a segway

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